Pre-Foreclosure Report

Pre-Foreclosure Report, sometimes referred to as a two owner search, looks at the current and previous owners. A pre-foreclosure report includes, but is not limited to: Legal description, conveyance information, deeds, encumbrances of record of open mortgages.

Owner and Encumbrance Report

Ownership and Encumbrance reports, often referred to as O&E’s or Current Owner Search, are a common report to help banks, title company and investors quickly evaluate a property. An O&E search shows current owner of record and recorded encumbrances. An Ownership and Encumbrance Property Report includes but is not limited to: Current ownership information, legal description, open mortgages, liens, deeds, encumbrances of record and open mortgages.

Un-Recorded Lien Search (Florida Chapter 159 Search)

This search has been common in South Florida but is relatively new to many other parts of the state and may be referred to as a Municipal Lien Search, Un-Recorded Lien Search or a 159 Search (Florida Chapter 159 Search). This research is conducted solely as to unrecorded matters. The matters revealed in the report may or may not affect marketability of the title or the ability of the buyer to take possession of the property. Our report gives details of the research requested, an invoice, and all supporting documents which may include but are not limited to: municipal lien letters, code enforcement violations, open/expired permits, special assessments, county lien letters, building violations, utilities, storm, sewer, water, garbage and HOA’s.

Florida Title Insurance Rates | A Small Investment for Years of Protection

The real estate you own represents stability, permanence and the hope of the future. Don’t take a chance and let your property be taken from you because of a flaw in the title. It only makes sense for the relatively small amount it costs, to protect yourself with title insurance rates in Florida, it’s the smart decision. Independence Title prides itself in ensuring you have peace of mind with the ownership of your property. With over 10 years of experience and competitive Florida Title Insurance Rates they have the experience and dedication to insuring your peace of the planet with integrity.

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